President’s Message

Hello ABC Elementary families! If you are new to our ABC, welcome to our amazing school.  My name is Sue Jones and I am your PTA President. This is my 9th year at ABC Elementary and my 7th year serving on a PTA board at ABC.

ABC Elementary is truly a special place. I could not have asked for a better elementary school experience for my children. Why is ABC so special? First, the vision of the administrators to make ABC the most nurturing, safe, creative, and cutting edge place to learn is inspiring. Second, our teachers love what they do and it shows in their smiles at 8:00 a.m., their patience, their lesson plans and their enthusiasm as they present material to the students in fun and engaging ways. Third, so many of the parents at TL are incredibly supportive of the school, PTA, and teachers. On any given day on campus you will see parents teaching art docent lessons, making copies for teachers, helping students practice their speeches, helping with kindergarten motor lab and bringing food for staff appreciation lunches.

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a non-profit organization run totally by volunteers. We work with our principal, dean, and teachers to provide enrichment for our students beyond what is in the regular curriculum. The PTA runs and/or funds student programs such as art, music, field trips, assemblies, life lab gardens, red ribbon week, science night, physical education, technology and more.

I encourage you to support PTA’s fundraising efforts throughout the year so that we may continue to provide these wonderful enrichment experiences for the kids.

Looking forward to seeing you around campus!

Sue Jones